THE DA yesterday laid charges of fraud against the ANC’s caucus leadership in Tshwane.

The party accused the ANC of forging at least seven signatures on a petition submitted by the party and the EFF to request an urgent council meeting to remove speaker Katlego Mathebe and the mayor.

The petition was submitted to Mathebe’s office last week. 


DA deputy chief whip in Tshwane, Mpho Mehlape-Zimu, said the alleged act of fraud should not be ignored as it was a threat to the city and the country. He said they had the registers of petitions submitted on the third and last Wednesday.

“We also did a comparison with the three previous meetings in November, October and September. When you look at those signatures with the naked eye, you can see that they are incorrect,” he said.

“Criminal acts should be punished and we will not allow the police to ignore this case.”

He said they would continue to fight for democracy and for protection of the rule of law.


“We will follow up until the case is finalised and until the perpetrators have been removed from public office,” he said.

ANC Tshwane chairman Kgosi Maepa said it was trashy of the DA to suggest the ANC had forged signatures.

“The truth is that the DA has completely failed to govern the City of Tshwane,” he said.

Maepa said these were the last kicks of a dying blue horse called the Democratic Alliance.