WHEN an elderly couple received a new and bigger house, they were overjoyed.

But madala Jacob Nyathikazi (76) and his wife, Sinah Masinga (70), now want to go back to their old house.

The couple from Hammanskraal, Tshwane, told Daily Sun the new house built for them by the Collen Mashawana Foundation was not wheelchair-friendly.

“Our house is big but it’s not suitable for our wheelchairs. We can’t even go outside for some fresh air. We’re stuck here,” said Jacob.

“It’s not that we are being ungrateful, but this house is not for us.

“They promised us paving so we can easily move around with our wheelchairs, but we’re still waiting.”

But Collen Mashawana said the house was built for a family living with disabilities.

“The house has four bedrooms, a dining room, separate bathroom and toilet, a lounge and a garage. It was handed over with a solar geyser, electricity and running water. We build houses for the underprivileged, the disabled and the elderly. If there are any problems, we will attend to them. No one has raised concerns with us about this house,” said Mashawana.