SOME cops have turned down tjotjo worth hundreds of rands.

But one cop shocked his seniors when he was caught red-handed allegedly accepting R30 tjotjo last week.

JMPD said it was ashamed of the cop and didn’t even want to know his reasons.

Spokesman Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said the traffic warden was among a group of wardens when he accepted the bribe.

“I don’t know if he disrespects the law or just doesn’t take the JMPD seriously.”

Minnaar said the man was not even an officer yet and still needed to go for training. He’s one of JMPD’s 1 500 new recruits.

“We have cops declined hundreds of thousands because they respect the law. Then we have a new recruit who won’t even think twice before committing misconduct.”

Minnaar said the warden stopped a car with a trailer transporting vegetables at a road side check on Soweto Highway.

The vehicle and trailer’s licence discs had expired and instead of giving the driver a R1 250 traffic fine, the warden accepted a R30 bribe.

“The driver then fled the scene, but was blocked by JMPD officers on Immink Drive in Diepkloof,” said Minnaar.

Both the traffic warden and driver were bust and detained at Diepkloof cop shop for bribery and corruption charges.