A COP’S 4-5 has left many women across Mzansi curious and excited.

A photo of the cop was posted on Twitter on Monday evening, where the shape of his 4-5 could be seen through his trousers.

Now the ladies are looking for the cop and want to test if the 4-5 is as good as it looks.

  • Lilly Young tweeted: “These are the kind of things we love in Mzansi. Can the policeman just come forward. We need to report some cases. We can see that he’s more than capable of handling them.”
  • Susan Mokoena said: “I don’t care which province he resides in. I’m ready to take a holiday just to discuss certain things with him.”
  • Lebo Maetlane said this was true leadership.

“More cops should show more of these so the country will be at peace.

“If we have more of these, I promise you, there won’t be any crime from women. Mzansi women will behave super well,” she tweeted.

But Mzansi men had a different view.

  • Mshayi tweeted: “I would never allow my woman to be around this officer in the same room on their own. I will accompany her if she wants to go open a case.”
  • Zwane tweeted: “There needs to be a law against such. We can’t have our girlfriends going crazy over such. This is public indecency.”
  • Timothy Musa said the photo didn’t even look real.

“He probably inserted a banana or huge carrot in there and our girlfriends are getting fooled. He needs to be disciplined. You can’t post such and get away with it. He’s a police officer. He needs to be appropriate every single time,” he said.