SINCE the festive season had come to an end, many people had been seen flocking back to their respective residence!

But a casualty while traveling is one thing that people do not look forward to.

On Sunday a horrible accident was witnessed along the N1 South route in Tshwane.

It happened between Wallmansthall and Petropoort south leaving six people dead!

On the other hand, the Tshwane Metro Police spokesman, Isaac Mahamba, says they are still busy with the process of identifying the victims in the tragedy.

According to Tshwane Emergency Services Department's Deputy Chief, Charles Mabaso, two vehicles got involved in a serious accident.

He said a truck and a light motor vehicle (SUV) were involved in a head-on collision which left six people.

“The four deceased are adults and 2 are children.

“One man who was critically injured was transported to Montana Hospital in Tshwane,” he said

He added that the road was closed from around 9:45am to around 1:50pm.

One witness during the accident who did not want to be named said that all he heard was a big sound and when he looked, he knew something was very wrong.

“I stopped my car and walked closer, but did not go further because there was a tanker truck. The small vehicle was unrecognisable.

“Could not stand the site of the tragedy and I got into the car and parked further away as I was travelling with children.

“Did not want the kids to witness such a disturbing accident,” he said

Gauteng MEC for Roads Infrastructure and Public Transport, Jacob Mamabolo, has sent his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.

"Six people tragically lost their lives when a light motor vehicle and a truck were involved in a head-on collision.

“We are deeply saddened by this accident and we convey our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims,” he said

The MEC said they will continue to intensify their efforts to reduce the carnage on our roads.

He encouraged drivers to take full responsibility and control when driving.

"We call on drivers to be alert at all times, adhere to the speed limits, exercise patience, take regular rests when driving long distances, ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy and most importantly make informed decisions that will save lives on our roads, he said

Mamabolo also said that while drivers bear the greatest responsibility for decisions relating to road use, passenger activism and awareness is equally important.

"Passengers should also be road safety conscious and exercise oversight responsibility by engaging the driver on road safety issues such as encouraging drivers to take regular rests and not to overtake recklessly."

"It is passengers who should be vigilant and remind drivers not to text and drive and not drive under the influence of alcohol."

He added that the Gauteng Provincial Government is committed on reducing road fatalities and building the province a smart mobility.

"We will continue to intensify our public road safety education campaign, working with municipalities and law enforcement agencies," Mamabolo said.