ON FRIDAY, the saying that the dead will stop suffering proved wrong while a dead man was being transported to Port Elizabeth.

A shocking video went viral this weekend of the coffin being flung out of the moving hearse! 


It was not clear whether the undertaker forgot to lock the door of the vehicle or whether it broke.

Traffic came to a halt as horrified motorists didn’t want to crash into the coffin.

The video shows two men picking the coffin up from the road and loading it back on to the hearse before speeding off.

When the SunTeam called Vantyi and Vantyi Funeral Undertaker, a woman who would only identify herself as Ntombikayise said: “It was just an accident. The body didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall. We’re investigating what could have led to the coffin falling out.”


The Funeral Industry Regulatory Authority’s Johan Rousseau said because there were no guidelines for the industry, it led to incidents like these. “All hearses must have stoppers so when the vehicle starts, the coffin does not move backwards. It looks like the door was broken and there was nothing to stop the coffin,” he said.

Facebook users had a lot to say. Bev McNamara wrote: “Somebody was not ready to end their time on earth.”


Bram Roets wrote: “Welcome to the Eastern Cape, where even the dead can be seen hitchhiking.” Nelson Williams said: “We’re surrounded by witchcraft.”