INTERNAL divisions and squabbles in the Zulu royal house are once again in the limelight.

This time, Zulu monarchy traditional prime minister, Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi, lashed out at Prince Mbonisi Zulu and Princess Thembi Ndlovu for holding secret meetings.

He said the meetings were unauthorised and created confusion.

The prince and princess held a secret meeting on Saturday, 17 April at Ulundi, where they appointed a new adviser for the king and an advisory committee.

Buthelezi said: “Unfortunately, this parallel process is being run without the authority or sanction of Queen Mantfombi Dlamini Zulu.”


He said the matter of assistance for Queen Mantfombi was dealt with in an official meeting.

“That meeting was attended by all senior members of the family, including Prince Mbonisi and Princess Thembi.”

“Considering the confusion caused by these unauthorised parallel meetings, I requested the minutes.”

Buthelezi said the royal family was concerned as they felt the meetings would create division. “They undermine the authority of Her Majesty to lead the nation. The royal family will request a meeting with the prince and princess.”


Insiders said the royal house was tense and some members wanted to challenge Queen Mantfombi as regent, but many were scared to talk about it.

Princess Thembi who is the sister of late king Zwelithini told Daily Sun that she is confused if Buthelezi said the “parallel” secrets meetings were unauthorised.

Left: Prince Mbonisi held a secret meeting. Right: Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi is not happy about the meeting. Photos by Jabulani Langa

“Authorised by who? We are also royal family members.

“If we did something wrong Buthelezi was supposed to tell us direct and not through the media.”

When Daily Sun contacted Prince Mbonisi he refused to comment.