THESE church members have good hearts.

On Sunday, members of World Mission Society Church of God cleaned the streets of Joburg.

Spokeswoman Thumisang Mothebe said they were planning to meet the government and businesses to find a way to reduce the production of plastic.

She said Sunday’s clean-up campaign was part of a worldwide project called No More Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

“The kick off was in Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Cameroon and other places.

“Church members travel overseas twice a year to collaborate on clean-up campaigns, education, emergency relief and other initiatives,” said Thumisang.

She said about 70 church members, colleagues and friends cleaned for two hours.

“They gathered all the rubbish on Lillian Ngoyi Street in bags provided by Pikitup,” said Thumisang.

She said volunteers gathered 200 bags of rubbish.

Environment department director Andrew Motha said the church’s initiatives were essential in making sure local communities were taught about the importance of protecting the environment.

“I hope what you’re doing as the youth will go down in history as this falls within our goals for a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations,” he said.