MANY men from the suburbs have turned to homemade beer.

And now that they’ve tasted umqombothi, it seems they may ditch Western beer forever.

They claimed homemade brew makes them animals in bed. Mzomuhle Zulu (39) from Kibbler Park, south of Joburg, said he had to go to the streets of Mzimhlophe hostel to get the beer.

“When the beer was introduced to me, I thought it was beneath my standard,” he said.

But Mzomuhle swallowed his pride, tasted the beer and fell in love with it on the spot.

A man drinks homemade beer. Photos by Zamokuhle Mdluli

He said when he got home, his wife was irresistible and he was an animal in bed.

“I told my wife I had found the beer in the kasi. She told me not to stop,” he said.

“I’m now treated like a king at home because of the things I do in the bedroom.”

Nduduzo Khumalo (42) from Midrand said: “When I drink this beer, I become a giant in bed. My wife is loving it. I’ve never seen her so happy.”

He said he worked as an electrical engineer and was not used to this kind of drink.

“Bye bye Western beer and hello homemade! As from now, it’s my favourite.”

Mzomuhle’s wife Nomagugu Zulu (35) confirmed that since her husband started drinking this beer, he’s keeping her busy in the bedroom.

“Every day is a match day and the game takes forever to end. I’m not complaining. I like it this way,” said Nomagugu.

Many drinkers of homemade beer advised those without wives to stay away.

Beer seller Sbongile Dlamini (50) from Mzimhlophe told Daily Sun most beer sellers add a bit of mpesu herbs that help men in bed. “Umqombothi has helped me survive,” she said.

“I take care of my family while I help the thirsty men and revive their marriages,” she said.