MONDLI IS surprised, angry and feels betrayed!

His best friend, the guy he shared boyhood secrets with, has been hiding a very adult secret from him.


Mondli Khumalo, who is 25 years old, said his best friend Samuel Mduka was dating his mum Zanele – and his mum was almost a senior citizen at 58. While his friend, at 27, was more than half her age!

Mondli from Meadowlands in Soweto told Daily Sun: “I grew up with Samuel. We’ve always been best buddies, but our relationship has been ruined. I don’t trust him anymore.”

He said his dad Lucas (64) was shot and killed in 2015.

“My mum never dated after my father’s death. I only found out about them last June,” he said.

He said two weeks ago the couple asked to see him for a talk.

“That’s when they told me they were dating. They kept it a secret because they didn’t know how I would take the news,” he said.

He said they then dropped the bombshell on him.

“They told me they were planning to get married in December and wanted my blessing,” he said.

“My mum is still young. She also needs someone to spend the rest of her life with as I will be moving out to my new house. But I never expected it to be my best friend.”

He felt betrayed.

“He came to my home pretending to be there to see me while he was scouting my mum. I refuse to call him dad!” he said

He doubted Sam’s motives.

“I think he just wants to get a portion of my dad’s money, which will probably be released this year.”

Zanele, who refused to be photographed, told Daily Sun Mondli could not choose for her who to love. “Sam and I fell in love. It happened unexpectedly. I guess we just clicked. We kept it secret until we were sure,” she said.

She said they revealed it to him last year when they were sure. She said they were careful but got tired of it.

“We are adults and are allowed to fall in love,” she said.

“I loved Mondli’s father. He will always remain in my thoughts, but I also have needs. Sam understands me. He makes me happy in every way. My son will have to understand.”

Sam also asked not to be photographed. He said he valued his relationship with Mondli.

“This shouldn’t harm our friendship. He must see me not just as a friend but a close relative.

“I’m not here to take the place of his father. I just want to be there for his mum.

“As for his father’s money, I have no interest in it. I have a job. I can take care of his mum and myself. His dad’s money can all go to him if that will give him peace.”

Zanele’s brother, Joseph (70), said: “I know about this. I can’t get in between people who are in love. If the Mdukas come to pay lobola, I will accept it and give my sister my blessings.”

He said he saw nothing wrong with her finding love again.

“I also would have moved on.”