The purpose of having an education is to improve our lives and give us better job opportunities, but bogus schools cheat our kids of their future prospects.

Unregistered, illegal learning institutions are mushrooming.

Qualification fraud is a real problem.

For example, such institutions issue fake matric certificates and varsity degrees.

The reason for this is to make money out of people who’re desperately looking for better qualifications to put on their CVs.

When the time comes for our kids to use these fake qualifications when looking for work, they realise that they’re unemployable.

Bogus learning institutions forge documents to look genuine, and they’re so convincing to the point that they accumulate money by getting enrolment and course fees from unsuspecting parents.

As a result, both students and parents suffer from wasted time and financial resources.

Students should first research whether the institutions they intend to register with are legitimate or not by checking with the Department of Education.

Letter by Fatima Julius