CONTROVERSIAL Zionist preacher Bishop Bheki Ngcobo plans to avoid the national lockdown by going to a secret mountain to fast and pray for 21 days.

Yesterday Ngcobo, founder of Inkanyezi Church in Zion, told Daily Sun he won’t allow himself to be locked in his home and be separated from God.

He said he’ll leave today before midnight to fast on the mountain until the lockdown ends.

He described the lockdown as separation of people from God as they would not be able to worship at Easter services.

He said he also saw the lockdown as a way of stopping his congregation from going to the Easter pilgrimage as he had vowed to continue despite the ban on mass gatherings.

“This lockdown means locking people out from God, so no government will lock me out from God,” said Ngcobo.

Ngcobo, also the founder of the African Freedom Revolution party, said he had already identified the mountain, but won’t tell anyone as he didn’t want to be disturbed while communicating with God.

He said he also didn’t want a lot of people to follow him as government would blame him. “I heard government said people should pray and worship from their homes, but my question is: why did people build churches if worshipping at homes was enough?”

Ngcobo wasn’t surprised pastors criticised him when he said people should carry on with their Easter pilgrimages because even Meshack, Abednigo and Shadrack found themselves alone in the lion’s den, although they were fighting for the Israelites.