THEIR taxis have been parked since the start of lockdown, and illegal operators are stealing their bread and butter.

Angry crossborder taxi associations said they were not going to fold their arms and watch as their bread slipped away.


They vowed all hell would break loose if this didn’t stop!

Hundreds of taximen under Maputo Corridor Transport Logistics are still suffering as they can’t transport passengers from Mzansi due to lockdown.

Spokesman John Mabuza (53) said most of the affected drivers used to transport passengers to Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

“We’re hit hard because we don’t have salaries and this affected our families,” said Mabuza.

“We’re praying for a vaccine to be found. We survive on this and now this lockdown has deprived us of an income.

“We have 27 associations across the country and no taxi is operating.

“It makes us angry to see private bakkies carrying goods while we sit at home.”

Mabuza, who also is the route chairman for the Benoni Taxi Association, said owners and drivers were stressed about how they were going to pay for their taxis.

“We receive calls every day from banks,” he said.

“They want money and we don’t know how we’re going to pay for the cars.

“We understand government is trying to save lives.

“We wish it could have pity on us so we can carry loads to relieve our families of hunger.”

Daily Sun spoke to illegal operators, who said they were approached by people who wanted to take goods home.

“We can’t say no as we’re also hungry. These people want to take food and other things to their families,” said one illegal operator.