AFTER 20 LONG years, the mum had almost given up hope that she’ll ever see her missing child again.

But then there was a breakthrough and a miracle happened.


The woman, 16 years old at the time, has been haunted by her missing daughter who was stolen from her. 

It was on 23 March 2001 when the young woman gave birth to her child. 

And then on their way home from the Ermelo Hospital to Breyten, Mpumalanga the mum experienced some pains and dizziness while the aunt had gone to a nearby shop. 

A woman they didn’t know offered to hold the baby. Provincial commissioner Lieutenant-General Semakaleng Manamela said: “The said woman reportedly took the baby, promised to return and walked off with the child. When the aunt returned they searched for the baby but couldn’t find her. 

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“A case of child abduction was opened with the Ermelo police, but there was no sign of the baby. Then, on 29 November this year, there was a breakthrough.” 

Daily Sun spoke to Constable Nomaswazi Maziya and Sergeant Simphiwe Nxumalo, who cracked the case a week after they received a tip-off from the mum. 

Maziya said the mum came to the station on 8 November and said they had the address of the woman who allegedly stole her child. 

Apparently the missing woman was identified as a relative by her brother. He had seen her picture while scrolling in Facebook and thought she looked like a relative, although he didn’t know they were siblings.   

Maziya said they went to the house and the woman said the kid belongs to her. 

“She told us her mum had assisted her during the birth but she has since died.”  

She said the missing girl was doing electrical engineering and was renting.  

“We drove to that place and explained the problem to her. We took both the women and the daughter to a doctor in Standerton for DNA tests. “The girl was taken to a place of safety as she was writing exams.” 

But on 29 November, the state prosecutor informed her that the DNA results would  take a long time. 

“We did the DNA tests on the three of them at a private facility. But on our way back, the woman confessed that the child wasn’t hers. She said she was given the child by someone who lives in Carolina, Mpumalanga.” 

The woman (50) was taken to Ermelo cop shop and a case of child theft was opened.  

She was bust and charged as she’s alleged to have been the one behind the baby’s theft. 

The suspect appeared in the Ermelo Magistrates Court on 30 November, where she was granted bail of R1 000.  

The case was postponed to 18 January.