SHE IS 70 years old and she’s had enough.

The abuse has been going on for years and she can’t take it anymore.


The gogo (70) said her daughter, a police captain stationed in Ekurhuleni, has been verbally and emotionally abusing her for years. The gogo said she opened a case against her daughter in February and got a protection order but the intimidation continued.

Sharing her story with Daily Sun, she said her daughter – who’s been a cop for over 30 years – had brought pain into her life.

She said she wasn’t allowed to speak to her as a mother would to a child.

“She tells me to voetsek. She brought people who came and took my gate away. When I confronted her she called me an evil woman.”

Gogo said she’d been a cleaner at a government office for more than 21 years when she was retrenched in 2015 and received a retirement package.

That’s when she wished to extend her house.

“She offered to help me get building material but kept my bank card with her,” gogo said.

“She refused to give it back. Instead she’d buy what she thought I needed. She never gave me slips to show how much she’d spent on the building material.”

She said when the money was finished, her daughter gave her the card back. “She’s always been rude, but when I distanced myself from her she became even more disrespectful.”

She said she’d been staying with her granddaughter (21) since 2015.

“But still she’ll come and harass me. She calls me evil. I want her to be arrested,” she said.

The woman’s brother (49) said she also insulted him. He said the matter was before court.

“She calls me stupid, useless and poor,” said the man.

“I’ve been fighting to get her arrested for defamation of character, but instead she’s opened a case against me. The matter is now before court.”

He said she acts as if she’s untouchable just because she’s a cop.

“We want justice. Nobody is above the law,” he said.

When Daily Sun contacted the daughter, she told the newspaper to talk to her attorney, Tiaan Liebenberg.

He said: “These are baseless allegations and they can’t prove anything. The matter is in court and waiting to be finalised.”

Liebenberg said there were counter applications in court for a domestic dispute as well as a protection order.

Meanwhile, police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed that a case of malicious damage to property had been opened by the gogo.

He said: “The investigators are still gathering more information and the docket will be taken to the public prosecutor for a decision. No arrests have been made yet.”