SOCIAL media users were horrified yesterday by photos of a woman bleeding from her head and surrounded by broken glass.

They soon took to the Popcorn Room Twitter account to demand that the person responsible be arrested.

It later emerged that the woman was Kedibone Gumede (29) from Pimville in Soweto.

She said she was hanging out with friends and her cousin at the Sandton Skye Apartments in Joburg when she was suddenly attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The flats are the same ones where Karabo Mokoena was killed two years ago.

Kedibone said she was attacked by a man she met through a friend three months ago.

She said they went out on Saturday night and were at his girlfriend’s house before they went to Sandton Skye, where he had rented a room.

“I called my cousin to join us because I was too tired to drive home. When she arrived, he took us to his friend’s room upstairs.

“We were chilling in the TV room when he suddenly lost it,” she said.

Kedibone’s cousin, Lebo Ntjabane (28), said the man suddenly threw a remote control at her.

“He then slapped her out of nowhere. We tried to intervene, but he got more aggressive and hit her with a full bottle of gin. He was accusing her of being disrespectful.”

Sandton police spokesman Captain Granville Meyer said cops were investigating a case of assault, but no arrest had been made.