MTUBATUBA municipality mayor Velenkosini Gumede is still puzzle after second member of the municipality was killed in a hail of bullets in a space of one month.

Gumede said he was shocked when he received a call alerting him that a councillor of the municipality was shot and killed in Dukuduku village in Mtubatuba, north of KZN.

Phillip Mkhwanazi who was also induna, a church leaders and member of Mpukunyoni traditional authority was shot and killed at his home by two unknown men today

Mkhwanazi’s murder cames three week after a former councillor Thengezakhe Maphanga was also killed in the same manner.

Gumede revealed that the two men who were also wearing balaclava came into Mkhwanazi's home and pretended as people who wanted councillor's letters.

He told Daily Sun that: “While he was trying to get the letters, they withdrew guns and started shooting him in the head. The hail of bullet was directed straight to his head and the two men ran away to the nearby bushes.

”He said at the moment its not clear why was the two were killed as no one has been arrested.