MOURNERS have done some bizarre things at funerals to celebrate their loved ones.

And some of these things are a reflection of the dead’s lifestyle.

But the latest video making the rounds on social media truly shocked social media users.

In the 30-second video, two women can be seen having the time of their lives in the back of a hearse.

They are seen dancing to an amapiano track, while one of them puts her leg on top of the coffin.

The hearse was allegedly transporting a body to a funeral in B3 Mamelodi, east of Tshwane last Saturday.


While taking the video, one of the women who spoke in Tsonga, can be heard saying the person in the coffin should not be scared just like they were not scared when they drove together while they were still alive.

The video shocked many people, with some calling their actions disrespectful.

Sangoma gogo Mvula Mpyana said people had lost their humanity and respect for the amadlozi.

“People think funerals are just about the deceased, but they are also about the ancestors who should receive the deceased. When we bury someone, this is not just for fun, but to help lay the person in peace and for the person to be accepted by their ancestors,” she said.

Gogo Mvula said African cultures regarded funerals as sacred ceremonies, which should be treated with respect and honour.

“Young people have turned our culture into a mockery and if older people don’t stand up, we are heading for disaster,” said gogo Mvula.

Unity Funeral Group CEO Israel Mthombeni said as much as funeral parlours tried to give families dignified funeral services, it was sometimes difficult when the dead did not live a dignified life.

Social media users also had a lot to say about the video.

  • Bongani Philipi Juda said: “Satanist and demons themselves in action.”
  • Ntebatse Rasiile said: “Will discuss the women later. Why is the driver playing loud music in there?”
  • Floyde Sono said: “These ladies are part of the funeral. As for the music, it could be that these ladies went in with a Bluetooth speaker.

With all said and done, maybe it was the late friend’s wish.”