From push ups to frog jumps the military is  taking no nonsense from the people of Alex.

Even though It seems like a game of hide and go seek as people wonder in the streets  but quickly run to their houses when they see the men and women in green.

They don't seem to be bothered by the presence of the military because they run to their houses when they see them approaching but go back to the streets as soon as they pass.

Neighbors yell warning each other to run inside because they (the military) are coming.Giggles are heard from people's yards as they peep over their fences, watching others being stopped and searched.

Some of the military guys were heard saying Alex people were making their lives difficult because this is all a joke to them.

"when they see us coming they run but as soon as we pass, they are back on the streets watching our every move. You'd swear they want us to use force to make them listen," he said.

The military, SAPS and JMPD members will continue patrolling the streets of Alex with the hope of getting people to comply with the rules of the lockdown or forcing them to do so.