PASTOR James Mzimba is an unhappy man after his goat poker was set free.

He doesn’t understand why the case was withdrawn as the trial date was set.

The 48-year-old man of the cloth from Buyisonto Village outside Thulamahashe, near Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga, said he had to sell all his goats after what had happened with one of them.

“Some of my goats were dying mysteriously last year, and one day as I was praying I decided to go to the kraal to check on my livestock.”

That’s when he saw a naked man busy raping his goat.

He said when he called for help from neighbours, the alleged rapist ran away.

“I was shocked to see a human being having sex with a goat,” he said.

“I reported him to his parents but they defended him, saying he wasn’t a rapist.

“Since he started raping my goats, I lost about nine of them and reported the matter to the cops. I wanted him to learn a lesson.

“He was killing my business. I heard rumours witnesses were threatened, and he went around telling his friends he enjoyed poking my goat.

“I feel my goat was denied justice. but I’ll apply for a protection order against him so he can stay away from my yard.”

The accused (24), facing charges of bestiality, was set free by the Mhala Magistrates Court yesterday.

Magistrate Tanya du Preez said charges were withdrawn because witnesses were intimidated by the accused’s mum, a sangoma.