A GIRL (13) who was allegedly made pregnant by her brother (17) has been removed from her home.

This was revealed by the girl’s mother.

The mum from Nkandla, northern KZN, told Daily Sun her daughter suffered emotional abuse from villagers, who have been calling her nasty names.

“I don’t want to talk about it because it has left my daughter emotionally wrecked.

“People are calling my daughter names.

“This has drained her emotionally,” said the mum.

She said her daughter was now living with a relative.

The mum said she hoped her daughter would get justice.

Even though the mum didn’t want to comment further, sources claimed the rape resulted in pregnancy.

The rape allegedly started in 2015.

The People’s Paper couldn’t verify who opened the case as sources alleged the family wanted to sweep the matter under the carpet.

KZN police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that Nkandla cops were investigating a rape case.

“The suspect appeared in the Nkandla Magistrates Court on Monday before his case was postponed to 18 March.

“He is currently being kept in a juvenile centre,” said Gwala.

  • A pastor (27) from Eshowe was arrested on Monday after it emerged he allegedly raped a 14-year-old church volunteer in December last year.

The volunteer allegedly only opened up to her parents about the rape on Friday when they caught her crying in her room.

Gwala said: “We can confirm the incident. A case was opened in Eshowe. The suspect is expected to appear in the Eshowe Magistrates Court soon.”