SHARAZ loves taking a bath so much that his family is complaining about the high water bill.

But having a bath is the highlight of Sharaz’s day.

Sharaz Alli (30) from Westbury, Joburg told Daily Sun a beautiful, well-shaped tokoloshe joins him every day for a splash in the bath.

“I can’t resist her. She is a yellow- bone with good curves. I wish I could take her to the mall so other men could admire her.”

He regrets not being able to take her to his bedroom or to malls for other men to admire.

Sharaz said he wants to marry his tokoloshe, who has been coming to him for a year now.

“At first I was scared. But then I realised she has come to bring happiness into my life,” he said with a big smile.

“She would give me a blow job and we would have sex in the bathroom. She also sings nice love songs we both enjoy,” he said.

He said the short woman with a beautiful bum wears a sexy mini skirt and comes into the bathroom when he takes off his clothes.

Sharaz said he didn’t have a girlfriend and the tokoloshe woman came as a blessing.

“Whenever I feel like having sex, I go to my bathroom, take off my clothes and then she comes to me. Then I have the greatest 10 minutes of my day.

“She doesn’t demand any money from me and I enjoy her company. I love her and I believe she loves me too. And that’s why she keeps coming back.”

Sangoma Siphiwo Nguwo from Joburg Central said Sharaz needs to see a strong sangoma to help him to get rid of the tokoloshe.

“His tokoloshe might bring him bad luck that will prevent him from getting a girlfriend.”