RECENTLY Mzansi learned that Woolworths water has special powers.

A video has circulated of young men drinking the bottled water and suddenly speaking perfect English.

This led to the Woolies challenge.

But it was not just water that social media users drank as part of the challenge.

Social media user Mlazi Piano posted a short video while drinking milk. “The water is fantastic hey? But you haven’t tried the Woollies milk, have you?”

Then he takes a sip and suddenly speaks with an English accent.

“Oh my goodness the milk takes you straight to England, where English was produced,” he said.

In a different twist, mlungu Blake Dell also tried the challenge.

Blake, an English speaker, drinks some water, and then speaks Zulu!

Blake said: “Yho! kanti amanzi lawa kanti anjani? “Yho ngathi ngizokhetha umfazi omnyama ke, ngizokhipha ilobolo yami ke.” (I might just get a black wife and pay lobola.)

“Kodwa imali anginayo. Yho ngathi impilo yabelungu inzima kakhulu.” (But I don’t have money!)

Watch more hilarious videos below: