THEY WERE heartbroken and alone after their husbands died.

So they told the moruti their secrets.


The sad widows all shared a similar story with Daily Sun. They said they told the pastor their problems and their secrets – which made it possible for him to loot from them.

A 40-year-old widow from the Free State said seven years ago she told the pastor about the money she was expecting from her late husband’s estate and he started having revelations about them.

“He told me God said we should get married,” said the woman. She said they started dating and soon the money, about R1 million, arrived.

“We were like a married couple. We spent the money together. We were very happy.”

But when the money ran out the pastor vanished.

A widow from Bloemfontein said she too told him about funds she was expecting from her husband who had died three years before.

She said the pastor had just joined their church after coming from another branch.

“He told me that God had told him we should get married,” she said.

She said soon after she had received her pay-out, which was more than R1 million, they got involved.

They enjoyed the money and they had a lot of fun, but when the money ran out, so did the pastor.

A third widow had a narrow escape. Makgotso Mokonotela (42) from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni said the pastor joined their church just after she lost her husband.

“I told him that I was struggling to get my husband’s money,” she said.

“Suddenly the pastor started having visions,” she said. “He said God had told him we should get married.”

She said she felt uncomfortable and when she investigated she found out that every woman he dated had lost a husband.

She said she refused his advances and they became serious enemies.

“That man is a moruti wa tsotsi,” she said.

Elders at the church said they did not want their church mentioned in the paper because it would ruin their image. Daily Sun called the pastor, but he refused to comment.