THE Radical Economic Transformation Forum is putting pressure on cops.

Its chairman Johz Mamabolo wants them to arrest EFF secretary Jossey Buthane.

This comes after a fight during a meeting held at a hotel in Polokwane on Monday.

Three people were injured and two ended up in ICU when EFF members allegedly barged in while businessmen belonging to the forum were locked in talks with Sanral.

The forum was meeting Sanral officials regarding concerns that its members were being overlooked for roads construction tenders in the province.

Forum chairman Mamabolo told the People’s Paper: “The investigating officer has told us he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Buthane.”

But Mamabolo said there’s evidence of Buthane and his crew beating up forum members.

Buthane apparently went to Polokwane cop shop on Tuesday and was told that investigations were still ongoing.

“Police couldn’t charge me for something I didn’t do. They’re not mad,” he said.

“They told me they’re still investigating the allegations against me.

“They say I was seen holding a pickaxe handle, beating up people.

“I’m surprised by what they’re talking about.

“I’ll wait for the police to update me on the progress of their investigation.”

Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said: “We need concrete evidence before we can take the matter to court.

“Let’s give the investigating officers a chance to do their work.”