MANY people were shocked when Daily Sun reported the drama at singer and actor Marah Louw’s parents’ house in Mzimhlophe, Soweto yesterday.

Two beer bottles filled with what looked like muthi were found at the gate last Sunday.

Following the suspicious discovery, Marah’s neighbours managed to find the young woman who was allegedly behind the muthi.

But the angry crowd were touched when they heard the woman’s story.

Her family said she was suffering from trauma after her brother’s death.

The family told the SunTeam the 18-year-old’s brother killed himself some time ago.

“He hanged himself in the house and we all saw his body,” said the girl’s mum.

She said ever since her daughter hadn’t been herself.

“She’s traumatised. She sometimes looks at her late brother’s photo and talks to herself,” said the mum.

“When we ask her who she’s talking to, she says it’s her brother.”

The mum said it was hard for her family to cope with what had happened.

“We would have gone for counselling, but we didn’t have the money.”

The dead man’s brother said his mum had untied the rope from his brother’s body.

“That scene remains in our minds.

“It’s hard to get rid of it.”

Marah said maybe God wanted to use her to help the young woman and her family by bringing her to her parents’ gate.

“My wish right now is that we find help for them,” she said.

Marah asked residents to join hands and help the family.

Social development spokesman Mbangwa Xaba said the department was saddened to hear about the family’s heartache.

He said they would send social workers to assess the family’s situation.

Marah’s daughter, Lerato Louw, said: “The young woman is suffering from something.

“Let’s help her.”