RESIDENTS of Millenium Park in Pearston, Eastern Cape, said their RDP houses are crumbling.

They said the houses were too small to poke in!

Gogo Nosipho Plaatjie told Daily Sun: “My RDP makes me sick.

“When I received this house in 2008 I thought it would bring me joy. I never knew it was the beginning of a stressful life.

“My house has no foundation, the walls are crumbling, and windows are falling apart.

“I share my bed with three kids and others sleep in the lounge and kitchen when everybody is home.”

Her daughter Bongiwe (32) said: “These houses are too small. You have to wait for everybody to go when you want to poke because there’s no privacy.

“Toilets are leaking. We’ve been reporting these houses to officials for a long time. They inspect them but nothing is done to fix them.

“They were built with a lot of sand and less cement. They are now crumbling.”

Eastern Cape human settlements spokesman Masiza Mazizi said: “The department set a limit on the rectification programme, which is not more than 10% of the budget.

“If the beneficiary finds structural defects after being handed over the house, they must report this to the project steering committee, municipality and department.

“An assessment will be done with the National Home Building Regulator Council and if any structural defects are found, the contractor will be instructed to rectify the house at no cost to the beneficiary.”