Have you ever wondered about the underground life of illegal miners and what happens to the gold stones they get there?

Daily Sun tracked down Zama Zamas . . . 

They spoke about their mining life underground and also showed Daily Sun how they refine gold and burn it, until it's ready for the market.

The miners showed Daily Sun the whole process from start to finish.

Zama Zama crushing gold stones

Illegal mining is rife in South Africa and sometimes ends in painful death for those involved.

Some get killed in turf wars while others die due to mines collapsing on them.

Zama Zamas told Daily Sun about how the deaths come about and what they do to avoid them.

Daily Sun investigation also revealed allegations that cops are involved in the illegal mining syndicate.

Zama Zamas told Daily Sun that cops frequent the squatter camp to collect bribe money from them on a daily basis.

Sometimes they allegedly confiscate gold stones during raids which they sell to other illegal miners.

However, zama zamas told Daily Sun that although they lose some of their hard earned cash to the cops, it's not entirely a bad thing because the presence of cops in the squatter camp, means protection from tsotsis.

NB: Some names and identifying details in the videos have been hidden to protect the privacy of individuals.

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