If you attend a wedding in Limpopo, you are sure to see people listening and dancing to Sepedi wedding songs.

The songs are mostly in high tempo and often accompanied by funny lyrics.

A video of a groom taking a wedding song literally at his wedding somewhere in Limpopo has surfaced on social media.

The song says in Sepedi :”Thuntsha lerole makoti, thuntsha lerole…o dule o opela sefela ore kena le modisa.” Loosely translated the song says: “Splash the dust bride, splash the dust and always sing a hymn saying I have a shepherd.”  

Then the new groom leaves Mzansi dazzled and confused with his act on his wedding day.

In the video, the groom who was dancing with his bride, then starts splashing dust with his feet.

Before long, he throws dust at him bride’s wedding dress…while dancing energetically to the song.

People on social media were not sure whether this man is too happy or annoyed that he is getting married.

Tebogo Mampa said he does not understand what the meaning of this but he is certain that it’s wrong and sends a mixed message to people.

“This looks like a celebration but it also looks like an outcry from the groom. Like he regrets marrying this woman. This really looks bad,” said Tebogo.

Lerato Mathibedi said people need to come to their senses because they are turning abnormal things into right things.

“At times I do think that we have to go sit down, sit back and figure ourselves a bit. It seems like we have to configure ourselves at times. Some other things are way far from normal,” said Lerato.

Mongezi Mkhize said the problem with South Africans love involving themselves into people’s business and that it should stop.

“The problem is that we like sniffing our noses into other people’s business. Maybe this was their theme, all we had to do is attend the wedding and enjoy their company,” said Mongezi.