11 months ago
Nofenitshala (front) and Zongezile Adonisi with a rock thrown at her.   Photo by Mbulelo Sisulu  ~ 

IT’s been just four months, but for Zongezile Adonisi (67) and his family, it is starting to feel like a lifetime.

An evil spirit and vutha have started to make their lives a living hell.

The vutha apparently struck their home, furniture and clothes 10 times!

The family of nine from Nontshinga Village in Centane told Daily Sun they were having sleepless nights as an unknown creature haunts them.

The family claimed the creature grows angrier every time they try to get help from prophets, sangomas or izinyanga.

On Sunday, vutha struck once again.

Zongezile told the People’s Paper: “We were relaxing at home when saw smoke coming from a wardrobe. We looked and found the fire eating our clothes!

“We haven’t had a peaceful night’s rest since May. First, we found one of our houses broken into and tin food missing.

“Police came and took fingerprints.

“Two days later, another break-in happened but nothing was taken. Only the window panes were smashed.”

Madala and his family decided to stay awake to catch the suspect.

One night, the sound of breaking windows woke them. “We’ve never seen a human being jumping a fence like this thing. I saw something like a person running fast, like lightning.”

They decided to seek help.

The madala said: “We went to a church leader to pray for us but nothing changed. Then we tried a sangoma and this thing left us alone for two days, but on the third it came back, even more aggressive.

“A bed caught fire out of nowhere. Since then, all the beds and quality clothes have been burnt. We don’t know how to deal with this evil spirit because every time we seek help, it gets very angry.

“I’ve spent a lot of money on sangomas.”

Inkosi Siyabulela Butshenge told Daily Sun he alerted police and fire fighters.

“We ask anyone who can to come and help this family,” he said.

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