8 months ago
This goat roams the streets of New Forest Village in Mpumalanga. Photo by Oris Mnisi  ~ 

NEW Forest residents are living in fear.

The villagers from outside Thulamahashe near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, say a goat is making their lives miserable.

They said the animal arrived on Sunday morning.

Gogo Violet Mavundla (65) told Daily Sun: “We saw people and a sangoma arriving in cars. They went down to the Mutlumuvi River and started performing rituals.

“They were carrying three chickens in a basket, a dog and goat.

“All these animals were tied up with talisman clothes and what looked like muthi around their necks.

“Later they all drove off, leaving behind these poor animals.

“The chickens and the dog vanished but now we are being haunted by this goat running along the streets.

“Everyone believes it’s an evil goat sent to bring bad luck to the community.”

The scared gogo said they are being troubled by the goat, which they believe is bringing them bad luck.

The villagers said they keep bumping into the goat with its rumpled fur and talisman clothes around its neck as it trots along the streets and past their homes.

A manager at the national SPCA offices in Randburg refused to comment, saying Mpumalanga is not in their jurisdiction.

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