TWO grade R pupils, both aged six, were allegedly raped at school by five general workers.

To scare them into silence, one of the workers allegedly threatened the kids, saying he would put them in a sack and throw them in a river.

However, one of the girls complained to her gogo about pain in her private parts.

When her gogo demanded to know what had happened to her, the little girl told her she had been raped.

On Friday angry parents went to the school, baying for the cleaners’ blood.

They demanded that the cleaners, who are still employed at Zamukhanyo Primary School in Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, be handed over to them.

They tried to force their way in by breaking the school’s gate, which was closed, but were stopped by security.

Cops were called in to calm the situation.

Ekurhuleni police spokesman Captain Ramothakhi Maqabe said the girls were taken to a doctor, who confirmed that they had been raped.

Maqabe said two rape cases had been opened and investigations were ­under way.

Steve Mabona of the Gauteng Education Department said they were aware of the case but were awaiting a forensic report.

Linda Mzamo said she wanted the men to be castrated.

“These men are heartless and deserve to die. They ruined those kids’ lives. What makes us even angrier is that one female teacher was told but failed to take action. We send our children to school thinking they are safe, but they end up in the hands of monsters. The department must kick these men out. They are not fit to be around our children,” she said.