ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa went on stage at the ANC Siyabonga gathering outside Luthuli House on Sunday to urge ANC members to stop going at each other in public.

But that message seems to have gone over ANC members Fikile Mbalula and Carl Niehaus.

In the early hours on Tuesday morning, Niehaus took to Twitter to complain about being blocked by Mbalula.

Niehaus tweeted "Hmmm so this young chap, Mr Fearfokkol ??

@MbalulaFikile, has gone & blocked me. He seems to fear much, especially engagement about his blatant opportunism, careerism & lack of respect for his seniors, such as the SG of the ANC, comrade @Magashule_Ace. Talk about real cowardice!"

Mbalula didn't take being called chap all that well. He replied, "You are a crook what the hell you are doing at Luthuli house is still a mystery to us now that we are done with elections we must deal with you."