MZANSI still remembers how cops attacked protesting pupils during the Soweto uprising.

Cops were again on the attack on Youth Day after thugs held staff hostage at the Sasolburg Shopping Mall, Free State.

Annemie Schoeman shared a Facebook video showing two police helicopters landing in town, apparently following an attempted robbery at the Foschini store.

She wrote: “It’s still uncertain how many suspects were involved. Some among the public were held hostage and police negotiators managed to get all the civilians to safety.

“A specialised police unit arrived from Pretoria in two helicopters to try and capture the suspects still in the building.”

Sergeant Fikiswa Matoti said: “There was an attempted business robbery at Foschini. Two suspects walked in and forced two female employees into the storeroom.

“It’s suspected one of the suspects pointed a 9mm pistol at two staff members and demanded cellphones sold at the store and keys to the safe where money is kept.

“They told the ladies to put the cellphones in the bag, but as they were packing them the suspects vanished. Security tried to evacuate the other people in the store. Police came and the whole building was cleared.”

The bag with cellphones was recovered but the suspects escaped.

Anyone with information is urged to call Moroke Segoje at 072 415 7536 or the Sasolburg cop shop at 016 970 1031.