ISRAEL Dlamini (43) said in the past two years he had spent hundreds of rands on booze for a thirsty tokoloshe.

Israel from Brakpan in Ekurhuleni told Daily Sun he had tried praying and he had spent R3 500 on sangomas to get rid of it.

But the drunkard tokoloshe just wouldn't stop ukubamba ijazi and had carried on drinking people’s booze!

Israel said if he left four bottles of Zamalek overnight, in the morning two of them would be gone. He said last year he set a trap for the beer crazy tokoloshe.

“I bought five bottles of beer and put them in the fridge. I stayed sober and didn’t drink any of them. And in the morning all my beers were gone.”

Daily Sun spoke to Israel’s neighbours and they confirmed his trap.

“I was shocked when we looked the next morning and the alcohol was gone,” said Moses Maphanga (33).

Israel’s girlfriend Suzan Mthembu (38) said she had seen his booze disappear.

“I’ve been running around with him trying to get help but this thing won’t get out of the yard,” she said.

Daily Sun also spoke to Mavis Sithole, a tavern owner in the area, who said Israel bought more booze than he ever did.

“I believe him. He’s not the only customer who has told me about this,” said Mavis.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said he’d helped get rid of such tokoloshes before.

“These things are usually sent to you by people who don’t like you. Israel can visit me so we can talk about it,” he said.