WITH only two months to go to until Christmas, stokvels around the country will be meeting to hand out this year’s savings to members.

For this reason, StokvelEx, an organisation that educates people on how to manage stokvels, held an exhibition in Polokwane, Limpopo on Sunday to provide advice.

The event, presented by Seven Colours Communications, also featured exhibitors from burial societies and investment clubs.

StokvelEx founder Eugene Mametse said they wanted to educate stokvels about the economic power they had.

“This is the only exhibition that caters to the stokvel market. Through the exhibition we intend to connect stokvels and offer great information and services,” he said.

“We want to make them more economically viable in the ever changing global environment.”

There was also a workshop which gave stokvels the opportunity to engage with other service providers.

Members were advised on saving and using their money.

Elizabeth Segwapa (55), chairwoman of the Sister Bettina Women’s Dance Club, said she had learned a number of important things.

She said: “We now know how to use and save our money. We are going to use this information.”