THE thugs waited for pupils to go home for the winter school holidays.

They then broke into several classrooms to steal and do drugs.

Last Friday a classroom at Mountain View High School in Heidelberg, Gauteng, was burnt down after thugs broke into it to smoke drugs.

When schools reopened for the third term on Tuesday, pupils had to be crammed into other classrooms.

Residents said they saw thugs leaving the school on the day the classroom was burnt down.

“They are targeting the school because there’s no security company guarding it. There was a company guarding it previously but they are not there any more,” said Lorraine Ndaba.

“These nyaope boys do as they please now. They got into the school to make a fire and to smoke their stuff.”

Shaun Martins said two nyaope addicts often went to the school to smoke inside.

“They started the fire as they were smoking in the classroom,” he said.

Principal Steven Nel said the school was struggling with security.

“The thugs have even removed part of the palisade fencing on the outskirts,” he said.

Gauteng Education spokesman Steve Mabona said the department was not responsible for school security.

“Usually security companies make an agreement with the SGB . They decide on the company and the amount. We only have school patrollers.”

A case of arson has been opened and Heidelberg cops are looking for the suspects.