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RESIDENTS of Mamelodi East extension 22 accused the two men of being rapists and almost beat them to death on Sunday morning.

The men were stripped naked, pelted with stones, logs, sjamboks and fists, and kicked around.

They were accused of beating a defenceless woman, stripping her naked and taking turns raping her.

Lazarus Ndlovu (32) said when they heard people screaming “vimba, vimba!”, they saw the two men running away.

“Some residents joined us and we overpowered the suspects and beat them up because we’re sick and tired of crime in our neighbourhood,” said Lazarus.

Pinky Nkosi (27) said: “Their 4-5s should have been ripped off. They were giving them too much trouble.”

The 42-year-old victim said she was trying to save someone she heard screaming near her home.

“The thugs overpowered me and took off my clothes and raped me.”

The victim said the two men took her dress and panties.

“I had to walk naked in the street,” she told Daily Sun.

According to the victim, one of the men threatened to kill her and dump her body in a nearby stream.

She was saved by a nyaope boy.

Police spokesman Captain Johannes Maheso said: the Tshwane East Cluster Detectives have arrested two suspects in connection with a gang rape that occurred in Lusaka Mamelodi East in the early hours of Sunday morning.“The two suspects were arrested and will appear in court soon.”

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