9 months ago
Members of the Tshangana Clinic committee inspect the damage after the attempted break-in. Photo by Chris Qwazi  ~ 

COPS arrested a security guard who was allegedly stealing from a clinic in the early hours of Saturday morning!

The guard and a friend were bust while trying to forcibly open a security door to the dispensary.

The cops were alerted after the clinic’s alarm system went off.

It happened at Tshangana Clinic in New Brighton at about 1.30am.

Phindiwe Vukemini (62), a care worker and clinic committee member, said: “I was called by cops after they found my contact details on the wall and told me what had happened.

“They came to fetch me and we called other committee members to the scene. We identified one of the suspects as a suspended security guard.

“We suspended him in August after there was a similar burglary, during which our new printer, fax machines and computers were taken. He denied all allegations against him at the time.”

Phindiwe said the burglars had targeted the dispensary but managed to break into the office of the head nurse.

“It was the third burglary in two years. They always target the medicine. We believe they smoke ARVs,” said Phindiwe.

Garreth Snayers of the municipal health department told the People’s Paper that he was called to the scene by the nurse in charge.

“I’m glad these criminals were arrested. This will send a strong signal to other criminals,” he said.

“The department is working on increasing security measures, including fencing.”

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beegte said two suspects were arrested inside the clinic.

“They were charged with housebreaking and will appear in court soon,” said Beegte.

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