THEY claim they are under siege.

Residents of Oukasie, near Brits in North West, told Daily Sun they lived in fear of their lives after a marauding gang unleashed a reign of terror on them.

Some claimed the gang was even used by local politicians to fight factional battles.

They said members of the gang disrupted meetings and stopped community projects.

When the SunTeam visited the kasi this week, it came face to face with residents with heavily bandaged arms. They said they were injured when the gang stormed a community meeting last Wednesday. They said about 40 men armed with pangas, axes, stones and knives attacked the venue.

A resident who didn’t want to be named for his own safety said members of the gang, called MaRussia, did as they pleased as there were no consequences.

“They live like kings. They fire and hire people for community projects and rob people in broad daylight,” he said.

North West police spokeswoman Captain Afjie Botma said four cases of assault were being investigated.

She said four people were arrested and would appear in the Brits Magistrates Court on 30 July.

“The incident is not gang related. It was two groups who were fighting for a tender at a community project,” she said.