TEACHERS and pupils at Khudugane Secondary School were shocked yesterday when a pupil almost gave birth in the school toilets.

Even more shocking was that the mum-to-be is in grade 8, and only completed her primary schooling last year!

According to her fellow pupils at the school at Ga-Raphahlelo Village in Sekgosese, Limpopo, the girl had been coming to school since it reopened last week.

Yesterday she complained of stomach pain and asked her teacher if she could be excused to go to the toilet.

A pupil said the teacher became concerned when the pregnant pupil did not return.

“A few minutes later other pupils who had gone to the toilet came running in, screaming that the girl was giving birth.”

A teacher told Daily Sun: “When teachers got to the toilet we found her bleeding and ready to give birth.”

They called an ambulance but the ambulance took too long to arrive so they decided to help the girl deliver the baby.

Luckily, paramedics arrived and she was taken to hospital.

A member of the SGB said: “We are disappointed by this. We don’t want to see this happening again.”

Limpopo’s education spokesman Dr Naledzani Rasila said: “The school accepted her because she’s also entitled to education.

“But we blame the parents for not taking care of a pupil in this state. They should have noticed and not allowed her to go to school.”