A MUM is angry and wants urgent intervention from the KZN Education Department.

Her eight-year-old son, who is in grade 3 at a school in KwaMashu C section, north of Durban, now fears going to school.

A teacher allegedly forced the boy to walk naked in front of his classmates.

The angry mum (32) told Daily Sun she thought she had sent her child to school to be taught, but her little boy had been humiliated.

The incident allegedly happened on Thursday after a teacher reportedly arrived in the classroom to find the pupils making a noise.

The teacher allegedly accused the boy of being behind the noise and then stripped him of his school uniform and forced him to walk naked.

The mum said her son was so hurt that on the day it happened he did not even want to talk about it.

“He arrived home, did not eat and went straight to bed,” she said.

“I only heard about it from other parents when I accompanied him to school on Monday.

“They told me that their kids had informed them that my son was forced to walk naked in the classroom,” she said.

The mum said she felt very hurt and asked her son if what she had heard was true.

“He cried and told me the teacher accused him of always making a noise in the classroom. I know that if a child is naughty they get punished, but not this kind of punishment.”

She said the incident would continue to hurt her son because the other kids laughed at him.

“I went to the school on Tuesday, but the principal did not help me. She said there was nothing I could do to a government employee,” the mum told the People’s Paper.

Kwazi Mthethwa, a spokesman for the education department, said: “Kids should not be humiliated in the name of the department.

“Harassing pupils is not allowed at our schools.”

He said the department would pursue the matter.