IT’S A TEACHER’S duty to educate and encourage pupils to achieve.

However, this teacher abused his position and terrorised a kid in his care.

A video shot last week shows a teacher beating and choking a 15-year-old on school premises!

The grade 8 pupil, who cannot be named as he’s a minor, told Daily Sun he was attacked in full view of fellow pupils.

The boy and his 39-year-old mum said the incident happened at Evander High School in Mpumalanga on Thursday.

The boy claimed the teacher is known to be violent and he didn’t do anything to deserve a beating.

He said he was beaten after he walked away while the teacher was speaking to another pupil, which the teacher viewed as disrespectful.

According to the teenager, the school offered to give him good marks if he didn’t report the incident.

“It happened while we were changing classes. He walked towards us in the hall and manhandled my classmate,” said the boy.

“I decided to walk away but before I knew what was going on, he pushed me to the ground and started hitting me with his fists. He’s not even my teacher.

“As I tried to get back up, he started choking me. I couldn’t breathe and eventually, other teachers rushed to intervene.”

Other pupils took videos while the attack was happening. When I got to the principal’s office, he threatened to expel me. I insisted they call my mum.

The next day, the deputy for discipline begged me to let the matter go, saying I would get good marks if I did.

The boy’s mum said there was no way she would let the matter go.

“We expect our children to be safe at school, not to be attacked by the people supposed to be protecting them,” she said.

“If my son did something wrong, I should have been called in. I want action taken against this teacher or I will open criminal charges.”

The mum said she took the boy to a doctor who did tests and took X-rays.

Mpumalanga Education spokesman Jasper Zwane said: “We’ve requested the district office to get a report from the school. This will enable the department to start an investigation.”