7 months ago
Residents wait for their turn to get water from a JoJo tank in Strand. Photo by Velani Ludidi  ~ 

WATER is still a headache for residents of this area.

The people of Strand, Cape Town continue to queue for water as their taps run dry all the time.

The People’s Paper published their story last week headlined: “Dry taps is all they have.”

The City of Cape Town promised that the water issue was resolved. But residents still queue for water in the kasi.

Resident Lebohang Motsabi said: “We are being disrespected. I sell meat for a living and my business has been affected by the water issue. I have to wash the meat first before selling it to customers.

“This not acceptable from people who claim that this is the best run city in the country.”

Councillor Jongudumo Maxheke said: “I asked the sub-council chairman about the water issue.

“He said he didn’t know why it was happening.”

Xanthea Limberg, a member of mayoral committee for water, said: “Pressure management related work is being done to lower usage across the metro to help Cape Town get through the drought and reduce water leaks and pipe bursts. As the pressure work happens across the metro, advisories are sent to radio and online, sub council structures and to the call centre, among other outlets.

“The city has been communicating its ongoing pressure management work for the past year. Pressure management does not necessarily mean cuts.

“It could lead to interrupted supply or water flowing very slowly at a low pressure.”

She advised residents to keep up to 10 litres of water in sealed containers in the event that the disruption lasts for a longer period.

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