A STUDY suggests that ugly guys have bigger balls than good-looking ones!

This study was led by Stefan Lupold, a biologist at the University of Zurich. He first looked at two types of chimpanzees and found males can either look amazing or have big balls, but not both.

Long beards, swelling and brightly-coloured skin serve to impress females and intimidate other males.

“Our study only focused on between-species relationships, so we can’t jump to the conclusion, as done by a few news outlets, that bearded men have small testes,” Lupold said.

Daily Sun asked SunReaders if they thought this theory could be applied to humans.

  • Nkosinathi Thwala said: “It might be true because ugly guys are said to be very high in testosterone, the hormone that promotes male character.”
  • Donald Donny Masiu said: “We have Limpopo and we all know what that province produces.”
  • Steven Chimuka said: “I’m proudly Limpopian.”

However, not everyone agreed.

  • Edmond Lorenzo Morema said: “They’re lying. I’m good looking and I always leave my girls walking funny.”
  • Mtho Majozi said: “This study was done by an ugly guy. Handsome guys are also busy with the same research.

Let’s wait for outcomes.”

  • Gift Costa said: “That is utter nonsense. Being good in bed has got nothing to do with looks.”
  • Solly Gumede said: “Not really true, looks don’t poke but 4-5s do.”
  • Avela Gwabavu said: “Yes. The good-looking ones are arrogant.

“Instead of doing their best they’re thinking about their looks and end up flopping.”