SHORTY BELIEVES he is once more in charge of his own life.

This was after a prophet dug up old chicken bones at the front gate of his previous home.


Alfred Ntombela (45), has been living in his house in Krugersdorp, Mogale City, Gauteng for four years.

But yesterday the actor went home to his house in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni to look for chicken bones.

Alfred, also known as Shorty and famous for his roles in Leon Schuster movies, claimedthe chicken was buried in the yard by his ex-fiance and her sangoma.

He claimed they buried a live chicken in the yard after they washed Alfred’s dirty socks and underwear and made the chicken drink the water.

“They told me it was meant to protect and strengthen me,” he claimed.

“But that was a lie. The chicken was not meant to protect me, it was meant to control me.”

Alfred said the chicken was buried about eight years ago.

But Alfred claimed things got really bad for him after that.

“I chose to move out of my house in Thokoza and get a new one in Krugersdorp,” he said.

Things started getting better when he began going to church.

“They told me about my problems and we started working to solve them,” he said.

Then a prophet at his church told him the chicken in the ground was causing the trouble.

“The last thing we needed to do was to dig up that chicken.”

After digging up the chicken, the prophet poured holy water on the bones. Alfred’s family ululated with happiness.

“It’s been dug up and I’m sure my life will get back to normal,” he said.

Alfred told Daily Sun he was at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court yesterday because his ex-wife claimed he doesn’t pay maintenance.

“The court has dismissed the case,” he said.

Last Thursday Daily Sun published a story in which Alfred was said to be dead on social media.

“I think the power of the chicken muthi started fading and my eyes started opening,” he said.

Last week Daily Sun tried to speak to the ex-fiance, but she only said: “I don’t want to talk to the media and I don’t know that Alfred any more.”

Then she dropped the call. Yesterday, Daily Sun’s efforts to reach her were also fruitless.