Last year

THERE’S a new clothing line for shoplifters!

The garments are specially designed to make it easy for people to steal while wearing them.

A video that went viral last week showed a woman wearing an undergarment known as kangaroo tights that easily holds items she was stuffing into a pouch in front.

The tights can be purchased on the streets and in clothing shops. The woman was caught red-handed as she was about to leave the shop. Shop attendants noticed a change in the way she walkedkk entering and leaving the store.

The store where it happened is not known.

The video shows the woman being stripped of what she had in her kangaroo tights in front of other shoppers.

Seven items were found, including a T-shirt, vests and underwear.

Captain Xoli Mbele of Joburg Central Police said cases of shoplifting are being reported at their station on a daily basis.

In these cases, the majority of suspects are woman.

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