MEET the life-size Barbie that’s just landed in Mzansi.

She’s a doll that’s meant to give you lots of pleasure . . .

But first you’ll have to fork out a hefty R16 000!

Yes, that’s right, this sex doll doesn’t come cheap, but it’s apparently a state-of-the art toy. And Mzansi men are queueing up to buy them.

Imported from – you guessed it – China, the dolls look and feel like real flesh and blood, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any appetite.

Made from a material called medical thermoplastic elastomer, which gives them the feeling of real human flesh, the poke dolls have different sized breasts, waists and punanis.

Some are big, some are small . . . and they set themselves apart from other sex dolls by looking very realistic.

They even weigh as much as a real person!

The poke dolls are available to all SunLanders – and this SunReporter almost found them too realistic to resist!

Speaking to Daily Sun at his offices in Linbro Park, Joburg, 61-year-old seller Patrick Meyer said men just couldn’t get enough of the lifelike dolls.

“They’re moulded to look, feel and ‘perform’ just like the real thing,” he said.

Patrick said he had already sold six.

“They are in high demand for guys who are lonely, have money and are looking for company.”

He said these poke dolls were perfect for men who were tired of unhygienic magoshas and demanding nyatsis.

But there is the price tag of R16 000.

Despite the stiff price, Patrick told Daily Sun that he has received a lot of orders from across the country.

“They come in pieces and you can assemble them on your own. They even come with different names like Lydia, Lisa and Monica, to name a few.”

Patrick has been in the adult entertainment industry for over twenty years, having produced the first controversial Mzansi porn movie, Maponapona.

He told the People’s Paper that when he realised how wide a market the dolls would reach, he raced to China to bring them back.