PEOPLE in Tshepisong, near Kagiso in Mogale City, said although they have proper brick houses, they live in constant fear.

This is because blasts from the nearby mines rock their houses all the time, cracking their walls and making bricks fall in.

Many residents in the area have decided to move into shacks in their yards because they fear they will be crushed.

On Thursday, the gatvol residents marched to Harmony Doornkop Mine to demand that the mine fixes their RDP houses.

Community leader Zama Nkqayi said: “Our houses are coffins and we fear they will bury us alive one day. Every day, a brick comes out and damages our furniture or hurts us. My TV was broken by a brick.”

The residents said the mine was making a lot of money but did nothing to uplift the community. “We want the mine to empower our youth and adopt local schools. They must also employ local people.

“We can’t have a situation where we live near a mine but locals don’t benefit at all.”

Home owner Getrude Mkhwanazi said living near the mine puts their lives in danger. “My house has cracks in it.”

Another resident said she had to rebuild her home from scratch. “It was no longer safe and I had to demolish it, otherwise we were going to be hurt.”

Sabelo Mgojwa, the mine’s relations manager, said they would soon respond to residents’ grievances.