IT’S A stokvel like no other!

This is a sex club about drinking, chilling and fun.


“We get together and we pick partners according to our desires,” said a 33-year-old woman.

“The only rule of the group is that love is not part of the action. You mustn’t fall in love with the other person.”

She said they didn’t have any contact afterwards. “It’s fun because we don’t judge anybody,” she said. The stokvel was established in October last year and it already has many members who come from Newcastle, Durban and Joburg.

Daily Sun tried to join the closed Facebook group but only the Admin can add you.

A 27-year-old mum of two from Newcastle said she was referred to the group by a close friend.

“Your contacts are given to the founder and he decides whether to add you or not,” she said.

She said at first she was scared.

“But my friend told me no one would force me to do anything I’m not comfortable with. We meet, have fun, poke and split.”

She said she recently moved back to KZN from Joburg.

“I have a boyfriend but he is away most of the time with work so if I want to have some fun I check where the next meeting will be and I join in,” she said.

Another member, a 30-year-old woman, explained that the group meetings run from Thursday to Sunday.

“The guys bring the drinks and the food,” she said. “We meet at somebody’s house or we go to a lodge. The girls cook while the guys chill and at the same time we pick our partners for the night.”

Another man (40) from Joburg said he joined the group in January after being introduced by a friend.

“I love sex and this is a space where no one judges me. Since the beginning of the year I must have slept with more than a hundred girls. My aim is to sleep with all of them!”

He said he is capable of sleeping with four girls in one night and still wants more if somebody picks him.

“Sometimes the group admin tells me to give my 4-5 a break but I don’t want to. If I could, I’d do it all night.”

Another member (26) said no one belongs to anybody in the group.

“That’s why we rotate partners, but some girls are weak and demand sex from the same person and become emotionally attached. The admin doesn’t like that because it causes fights and he threatens to close the group.

Cultural expert Mntimande Ngwenya said a sex stokvel is something new and traditionally is would be forbidden.

“For example if you’re married your vows bind you and commit you to one person. Also sex is not just physical, it is a spiritual encounter. So if you’re in this stokvel imagine the number of bad spirits you could inherit. Your ancestors will turn their backs on you!”